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Building a foundation of trust and reliability connecting man with man's best friend

Pictured above is; SG Joy von Ryanhaus TC AD with sire; G Oeht ein Guter Sohn Sein @ Ryanhaus SP CGC TT HIC BH AD

 and Dam;  SG Maggie von Ryanhaus CGC HIC TC AD 

Jutta Hipp earned her HIC Herding Instinct certificate on 5-19-2013

Below are some of the dog events we have gone to over the years!

Jutta Hipp vom Ryanhaus passed the Herding Instinct test Saturday May 18th 2013

Jutta Hipp is Temperament tested through GSDCA

Maggie and Oeht passed their HIC Herding Instinct test!

Ryanhaus dogs left to right>Oeht, Maggie, Stahl & Kaiser passing their sheep herding test on a Saturday:))

Luke earned his Canine Good Citizen with at BayState Kennel!

Rollie and cousin Luke have passed the Therapy Dog test!!!


Rollie"s American Temperament Test Society certificate!

Rollie is Temperament tested through GSDCA

Rollie's first leg in obedience!

Rollie gets 3rd place in obedience!

Cousins Caroline & Rollie pass their American Temperament test!

Rollie gets Reserve Winner:)

Theo passed the AD endurance test!

Theo and Rollie passed the AD endurance test on April 28th 2012

Theo and Rollie earned their AD with the Maine Schutzhund club on April 28th 2012

  • AD: Ausdauerprüfung (German) – An endurance test performed by gaiting approximately 6 – 10 miles per hour for about 12 miles with a ten minute rest halfway and a simple obedience test at the end. AD is a prerequisite for a Korung evaluation.

Rollie passed the AD endurance test!

Oeht received a rating of Good and took first place at an SV show!

Oeht earned his Canine Good Citizen!

Oeht and Maggie passed the AD endurance test on April 28th 2013

Oeht passed his Temperament Test

Oeht also passed his BH obedience/temperament test on 4-27-2013

Maggie passed her AD endurance test!

Maggie is Temperament tested through GSDCA

Maggie as a pup gets a group placement for being a cute Mag-pie:)

Maggie got rated SG "Very Good" under SV Judge Frank Kampenhuber

Virgo, Rollie & Tessie earn their Herding Instinct Certificate!

Virgo's Half-sister> Hecate< passes her Herding Instinct test!

Theo von Ryan has his Companion Dog Title

Theo passed his Temperament Test

Theo von Ryan earned his BH on 6/16/13

Theo getting a leg towards his Companion dog title!

Theo placing 3rd in obedience!

Theo is first in Bred By Exhibitor!

Theo von Ryan wins a Best of Breed

Theo/Tessie pup "Ace" from the 2010 litter earned his NW1

Kane was my first Therapy Dog!

Bonnie von Ryan!

Theo started helping me when I got injured so I knew he would become a super great therapy dog, and he did;))

Dano's Luck-Be-A-Lady-Claire earns her Companion Dog Title!

Sam's second leg towards Companion Dog title!

Sam gets her second leg in Rally Novice!

Sam earns her Companion Dog title!

Claire Highest scoring Lab in Rally Novice!

Theo's first leg towards Rally Novice!

Claire, Theo & Sam get legs towards Rally Novice at American K9!

Sam & Claire earn their Rally Novice titles!

Von Ryan's Mira VD Grafental gets a BOB back in 2004!

Mira's mom>>Millie was a Canine Good Citizen!<<

American Temperament Test Society certificates!

Below is "Larantine", a Virgo/Xander pup!

Larantine earned her Novice Agility Jumpers preferred at the Jax

Equestrian Center with a first place score of 100/100

possible points and a time of 25.31/39 possible seconds.

Keira wins Best of Breed puppy!